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Why Contact a Business Broker?

Hiring a lawyer or accountant to sell your business is not enough. You need a business broker to get the highest value for the sale of your business. When you use a business broker, you're hiring more than a person to do the numbers and the contracts, you're hiring someone to go out and sell you as the business owner and to sell your business as an enticing opportunity for potential buyers. 

Our system provides you with:

  • A professional business valuation (know and understand the true value of your business). We are the only business brokerage to have a credentialed appraiser on staff.
  • The ability to reach 1000's of buyers, instantly.
  • Representation. Don't get bullied around when it comes to time to put ink on the paper.
  • Confidentiality. One of the most important aspects of selling a business.

Keep the sale of your business confidential. We:

  • Educate the buyer.
  • Qualify the buyer.
  • Use appropriate marketing strategies.
  • Prepare paperwork designed to promote confidentiality.
  • Manage appropriate release of information.

Call us at 317-662-2565 to speak to a business broker about the potential to sell your business. This call comes at no cost or obligation. You may also fill out the form to the right to have a a business advisor reach out to you.